How to Pass the 70-410 Exam

G’day everyone, just sat and passed the 70-410 exam, the first of the 3 to gain my MCSA 2012. If you are studying for this exam then I would highly recommend the Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 by Craig Zacker. I thought the book covered all the exam objectives very well and that was the resource I relied on as well as the Train Signal videos.

If you have had hands on experience with the other Server OS’s then the knowledge you have already in DNS, AD, DHCP etc then all you really need to do is make sure you know how they are all installed and configured in Server 2012. Make sure you know Hyper-V inside out both from the GUI and by using PowerShell, I had quite a few questions on that area. The other area that my exam focused heavily on was Active Directory and Group management. Another thing make sure you know the basics of Local Storage, Raid-5, Stripped Disks, Spanned Disks and Mirrors.

Any onto the 70-411 exam, as there are no official MS Press Books available until later in the year I am going to use the 70-417 Book as apparently maps to to all the objectives, as Michael Bender suggests. In conjunction with that use the wiki resources created over at Born to Learn.

2 thoughts on “How to Pass the 70-410 Exam

  1. Orenthal Diggs

    I have been trying to find the study material for the exam but can’t find any.
    What would you nrecommend for my study maaterial. I need material that
    will cover subjects on the exam. What do I need and how and where to get it.
    Exam 70-410


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